Welcome to my school

Please have a seat. Or maybe you like to draw and paint standing. The point is, there are no rules in my school. 

Just a shared passion to draw and paint. To learn new things. And, if you’re like me, to feel a rush of joy every time you pick up a pencil or brush. 

When you take Shari Blaukopf online sketching and painting courses, you’ll learn to “see” what’s important in a scene. Simplify that into a powerful composition. And turn it into a finished sketch or painting. One you’ll be proud to show — maybe even hang on your wall.

It’s easy, when you learn to draw and paint in steps. 

With simple-to-follow online courses broken down into lessons. Where you can pause, go back and watch again. And where you can listen in as I explain and show the what and why every step of the way.

Welcome to my school. I hope you enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching.

A bit about me

I’ve been sketching and painting since I was eleven years old. When other kids spent their holidays playing in the park, I took workshops with some of the giants of watercolour painting. I simply wanted to draw and paint all the time.

Later, I became a graphic designer. Later still, a college teacher where I taught design and encouraged my students to put aside their computers and “think” with pencil and paper.

Today, I live in Montreal and have been lucky enough to travel the world, giving workshops across North America, Europe and Asia. It’s how I get to share my love of sketching and painting with all kinds of wonderful people. 

I’ve authored The Urban Sketching Handbook: Working with Color. I’ve been part of the Urban Sketchers community since 2012. I’m a signature member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. And, along the way, my paintings have entered corporate, government and private collections in North America and abroad.

These two strands of my life — art and teaching — continue to sustain me.

No matter how busy I am, I draw, sketch or paint every day. Twenty degrees below zero in Montreal? There’s a good chance you’ll find me in my “car studio,” peering through a thawed patch on my windshield. Sketchbook propped on my steering wheel. Palette balanced on my armrest. 

Drawing, sketching and painting are my oxygen. So is sharing what I create, and how I create it. On my blog, website, on Instagram, on Facebook and especially in my workshops — now brought to you online!